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That “One Moment in Time”……

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Like many others around the world I was stunned when the news of Whitney Houston’s death hit the airwaves.  But should we feel stunned or is this a sad inevitability of super star fame and celebrity?  I am of the same generation as Whitney……the amazing rendition of what was the anthem for the 1988 Olympics brought shivers down our spines and she inspired and awed us all at that moment.  What an amazing God given gift and at the time combined with a waif- like, natural and almost naive personality …….and there lays the tragedy of this story.  Are we as a society to blame for lavishing such attention and focus on mere mortals?  Isn’t there any way for the truly gifted to share their talent without the personal destruction that seems inevitable.  True, every individual is ultimately responsible for themselves but we don’t live in a vacuum…..and it does take a village and I can’t help wondering if there was something that could be done to change our pop culture.  The end of Whitney’s life is a tragedy.  For the population at large she left behind a legacy of music that never fails to take you to another place and away from the everyday.  But she also left behind a child who more than anything else would simply love to have her mother alive……….