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Who is a Christian after all?………..

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If you have  a chance today go to MSNBC and find the interview this morning, Tues February 21st, on Morning Joe, with Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham.  What a pompous, narrow- minded, sanctimonious and DANGEROUS man.  In a slimy snake oil sort of way he apparently is a true Christian and anyone who doesn’t meet that “purity” is simply not.  Catholics are seemingly “different” but could be acceptable if you are like Rick Santorum but not acceptable if you are Mormon like Romney and “Christian with a Muslim “seed” like Obama – I’m summarizing the good “Reverend’s” views by the way.

Mr. Graham, and I cannot bring myself to refer to you as “Reverend” Graham, you are a hypocrite.  To take the name of Jesus Christ to preach your views on national TV to the detriment of faith and open mindedness is dangerous and insulting.  I’m going to keep this short Mr. Graham and remind you of one of the most powerful teachings of Jesus Christ:  “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself ” a theme that is repeated in all religions……..maybe you should try to practice that teaching Reverend” rather than sow the seeds of discontent to further influence narrow minded bigotry and acrimony.