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Great thoughts, great ideas….but timing is everything……..even for Leonardo da Vinci

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daLeonardo da Vinci made his Southeast Asian debut at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore in November. The exhibit named: Shaping The Future explores da Vinci’s legacy and brilliance with original drawings from his largest notebook, the Codex Atlanticus. By the way if you miss the exhibit in Singapore their permanent home is in Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. Da Vinci was beyond brilliant as he excelled in Math, natural sciences, technology,
architecture art and music and somehow tied all those disciplines together…..we 21st century humans could take a moment to pause and reflect on that…..

However, what struck me in particular were his drawings of the Mechanical wing. Geez, it’s an airplane wing.  But wait, he drew this circa 1490.. … timing is really everything when it comes to innovation. Human brain power is generally ahead of its time.  If da Vinci was alive when the Wright Brothers built their version of the modern airplane he would, like so many of us do with our own ideas, have exclaimed…hey wait a sec, that was my idea centuries ago
but would anyone pay attention to me!!!!


Hidden darkness of depression……

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I know this is a 180 degree swing from yesterday’s upbeat New Year’s restart of this blog but it’s a topic that personally hit our family late last year. A young relative committed suicide. A beautiful, vivacious young woman in her mid-twenties. As a teenager she spent time with our family when she visited the U.S. and there was an instant connection.

A second cousin, a fascinating family connection for all concerned as her maternal grandmother and our kids’ paternal grandmother were brother and sister. However, that side of the family migrated to Australia and my husband to the U.S. So a chance Australian cheerleading camp bringing an unknown teenage girl to visit could have gone horribly sideways but rather it created a wonderful new bond.

She was like a beautiful butterfly but underneath over the years a darkness that led her to eventually take her life, to the shock of us all. Now, too late, I ask myself was there something I could have done to help her…..I just don’t know the answer to that question other than to feel terribly sad and guilty. Depression is such a complicated issue. In today’s world where we are all so “connected” virtually, the majority of every moment shared is upbeat and positive…..because that’s the generally expected social norm. Social media has much to do with the increase in loneliness and depression in the world today.

There is and never will be a more important interaction to equal real human interaction………….

“As we turn the page on 2013…and 14….”

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The title is my “clever” attempt at trying to make light of my two year hiatus from
writing……I’ve got plenty of excuses but I guess the reality is I have been
procrastinating in an epic way….I’m  quite skilled in that area I find.  So, what got me
started again….it’s those black-eyed peas!….who knew they were so motivating.  I was a
couple of days late with the black-eyed peas this year.  But better late than never is a rule
I live by.  My kids are all home and as we had the usual “why are black-eyed peas good
luck anyway”, “do you make this stuff up Mom?”, “someone google this please” a
comment surfaced….”we knew you would give up on your blog”……I’m motivated by
such challenges so here I am again.

As I reflect on the last two years I realize that so much as changed but much remains the
same.  My mulling did motivate me to get more involved in “giving back”, a change in
my role at work has me more directly able to coach and mentor, I reconnected with my
friend from my January 12, 2012 post “The spirit of Chocolate chip cookies……”, and
that has been so amazing.

2014 had some tough social, political and global issues which continue on.  But let’s
focus on this blank canvas called 2015 and let’s together create a masterpiece.

Lance Armstrong…….coming clean? Seriously?……

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Who didn’t admire Lance Armstrong? I certainly did.  He worked hard, had enormous success in his sport, battled cancer and returned to work, started a cancer foundation to use his name and experiences to “give back”, a loving husband and father………many many LIVE STRONG bracelets, later we find out that Armstrong is actually a lying cheating (in more than one sense of the word), egotistical bully…..and all those despicable behaviors and characteristics brought him respect, fame and fortune.

Anyhow, years later, things came out, and despite his continued protestations and bullying of all around him he was found out, stripped of his titles, lost his endorsements and so on.  According to Lance he was going to stop fighting the allegations because taxpayer money was being spent in vain on this witch hunt.….uuumm, what a guy!  Let’s not kid ourselves, by the way, that our boy is hurting for his next meal.

Now, guess what?….yep, he wants back in the game.  Apparently “rumor” is, (which his attorney is denying), is that contact has been made with the Anti-doping agency leader for Armstrong to be “reinstated” if he comes clean.  Excuse me if I don’t believe the denial of that “rumor”.  Armstrong doesn’t like being shunned and heck, he needs his lifestyle.  So he likely does want to “come clean” and by doing so get HIS life back in return for information which will likely throw a whole set of people under the bus….STOP this right now…………


As we turn the page on 2012…………

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Right about now everyone is busy making resolutions….always a good thing even if you don’t keep them….because by making a resolution you are pausing and assessing yourself.  My big resolution last year was to start this blog.  Which I did do but slacked off quite a bit too so it certainly is not the “next big blog” but my kids are truly thankful because when I write my blog I preach to cyber space and not them!!

Anyhow, I was reflecting about the atmosphere at work.  I am truly thankful to have a good career when so many are seeking work.  However, thinking about work led me to reflect again on how we behave and the concept of genuine courtesy.  How often do you and others pass people in the hallways and not even say “hello” or “how are you”? Reasons are many: we are either lost in thought, buried in our PDA of choice, or unhappy with our current job (but feel we have to stick it out to pay the bills), or just because common courtesy is just not expected anymore…..  Also, have you noticed that some people WILL say, “Hi how are you” but move quickly by before you have a chance to respond?  What’s that all about anyway?

Real human connectivity is critical to bettering our world.  We can only do that one person at a time.  When you take the time to stop, talk and connect with genuine interest all of a sudden your environment becomes more pleasant, caring and positive.  We were made to be social creatures…..let’s go back to the basics and see how we can change society one touch at a time…………..

A.D.D, our News media, and us……….

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It has been a blessedly “normal” few months for me personally.  However, I have sadly watched the world go by outside of my own little space.  Senseless shooting, more senseless shootings, even more senseless shooting and pictures of beautiful little children whose faces we now see in the joy of Christmas all around us….but for the little ones who lost their lives at Sandy Hook elementary and for their families…..not to be.  Then came the discussion about mental illness and Asperger’s syndrome, with no helpful consequence other than more stigma on a population of individuals, the majority of whom are struggling to be respected and treated equally.

Then came all of the discussion on gun control and urgent outcry to change….that was so wonderful. Then disdain poured over the inane (and dare I sat insane) comments by some at the top of the NRA….also wonderful.  Hope and change……yes we all hope for change for the betterment of our society.  But what has happened?….after non-stop 24/7 coverage for about a week…..the news cycle has shifted to the flavor of the moment.  Do we as a society all have a form of Attention Deficit Disorder or are well just that self-absorbed?

I’m still mulling this one.  I hope personally to dig deep and come up with something worthwhile…………

6 BILLION DOLLARS….what does that buy?……..

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Well, that amount of money can do a lot and buy a lot…. but in this case…….it bought 4 more years of what I hope is not more of the same of the last two years.  But, on paper that is what you have.

Hopefully the powers to be saw the crowds, the lines to vote, the passion, the desperation.

Hopefully they realize that the majority of us were not influenced by much of what the $6 billion was used for but made our own decisions based on what is happening to our country

Hopefully, they are all, starting with the President, ready to put their egos and individual agendas aside to work for the good of the our nation for all peoples

Hopefully, Democrats who possibly are angry that the President, in fact, did not really do much campaigning for them as he worked on his re-election, will stand by him

Hopefully, the Republicans will give up over-hyped and overly rigid social conservatism (most of which has no place in government anyway) to just get on with it.

So much hope when we stare at a new beginning………….