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The “B” word…….

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Bullying is becoming an epidemic it appears.  It’s been on my mind a lot.  Is bullying a new phenomenon….of course not.  The “playground bully” was a fixture when we were growing up as was hazing new students whether at high school or college or sometimes even in the workplace.  So why has the “playground bully” become more powerful?  What’s going on?

 Pre-Social media most bullying was more tangible and visible…something you could see happening if you were paying attention.  Growing up I remember having the view that if you saw someone being “bullied” you did something to stop it.  Tell an adult….we rarely did that, but we did join forces to “protect” the person being bullied.  What we didn’t do is look the other way.  But now: For example: when I see a parent slapping their kid around in public, why do I and everyone else avert their eyes and walk away?  If a parent can do that in public to their child I can only imagine what happens behind closed doors.

 So, that got me thinking…..what have I said to my children on this matter?  In all honestly because of the desire to protect to them I am sure that I have directly and indirectly encouraged them to turn a blind eye.  I don’t know: I need to ask them.  All I know is that I want them to be safe which is what we all want for our kids.  

 As a society we have to protect our own and have to teach the next generation to be as alert.  Social media is amazing but it has created a society where the sea of life is calm above and underneath the water it is a dark and dangerous place.  When someone is calling for help we have to step up, tell someone in authority, try to help in a responsible way……”I didn’t think they meant it”  or “I thought it was just a joke” isn’t acceptable. 

I have to change my own actions I hope we can all think about what we each can do as well……………