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Everyone of us is extraordinary in our own way even though many of us feel “just ordinary”.  I came to the U.S. for college and stayed… husband and I have lived the “American dream”   with all the ups and downs life has to offer and one down that was and continues to be devastating ….the loss of my husband to cancer which left me without the love of my life who I met when I was 18, and three children without their father.  I am a working mother and we live in the Midwest region of the U.S.  I’ve always loved to write and I have a point of view about most things…..ok, everything.  So this blog is my way of being “extraordinary” in a small way. No one may read it, but maybe some will. And if a thought I have or a story I share brings a laugh to someone who needs a laugh, or an opinion I have encourages a discussion then that would be extraordinary!! And if none of that happens, well, I have to admit I have always wanted to see my written word in print……because that makes me feel extraordinary


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