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Walking the walk….of MY talk….

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walkRecent events have proven, again and again, how important making “human” connections are. I consider myself ethnically diverse (because I am) but also socially and culturally open minded and interested in others.  Plus I am a “talker”…I can carry on a conversation with a rock if all else fails.  Last week, I was in a taxi going into the city for dinner with some friends.  The taxi driver and I struck up a conversation and in the 30 minute drive hit on many topics personal and professional.  He was a black man from an area in our city that is known for poverty and violence.  That was where he grew up but clearly highly intelligent and motivated, working multiple jobs to start his own painting business.  I took his card and fully intend to call him this summer for some painting that needs to be done.  We also talked about relaxing with friends, wine, the Super Bowl and educational opportunities.  When we reached my destination his parting words were “let your hair down and have fun with your friends”.  I was truly ashamed that as I turned to walk into the restaurant a thought slipped into my head “I hope I didn’t make a mistake being so open…..he knows where I live and that I am not home”…….”yuck, what is wrong with me?”, I thought….and there is the root of the problem in our world today.  We are all so programmed to be very suspicious of the motivation of others…it was an eye opening moment


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