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“We are just focused on Seattle”…. YES WE ARE!!!!…..

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imagesHow to deflect, or is it deflate the touch questions? And the press…what is wrong with them? They allowed the Patriot’s owner, coach and QB to drive the conversation.  Wonder why the media were happy to not push on the tough questions?…..I love the game and the competition and maybe I am part of the problem.  But honestly, as “focused” as these teams are on every little detail pre game can we seriously believe that in such an important game as the divisional Championship game that those balls would not have been checked and rechecked before the game?  I hope some poor equipment guy doesn’t ultimately take the fall.

I don’t think much of Tom Brady.  He has always seemed to be an entitled spoilt individual.  I have to say though the sheer exuberance on his face after they beat the Colts made me pause and wonder if I was being unfair.  The next day the deflategate saga broke and it makes one wonder.  This is not difficult.  If they cheated then they should forfeit the game they won.  That’s what happens when you don?t follow the rules.  By the NFL not doing anything before the Super Bowl and letting the Patriots “handle it” and be allowed to move on is just wrong. I don?t get it….why are they not held accountable. So, I for one will be cheering for the Seahawks. They may not be the smooth media savvy group in this saga but they have a raw honesty to them which is appealing!


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