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If Martin Luther King walked the streets of America today……..

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MLK_bwWe have made so much progress since MLK’s “I had a dream”….many would say “look at us”…we have a black president, we have improved in diversity in social status and education. All true. But yet so much remains the same and we in fact in certain aspects, have taken a huge step back. The gap between the have and the have nots has widened. Our communication has been reduced to “tweets” “likes” blogs (yes, even as I mull on this blog), news cycles where we “watch closely” from the comfort of our homes. When the news cycle moves on our focus and attention moves on too. Think about just in this last year: Ferguson, NYC, gang violence, the disproportionate killing of young innocents in Chicago…You get the picture. We all have responsibility. If we don’t communicate directly with each other we will never understand each other. If we don’t mix directly with each other we will never be able to move forward. The more we point fingers and use race and religion as an excuse the more we will continue the downward spiral. MLK and other great men of that generation didn’t have social media. So if you believed you had to put yourself “out there”. We should too……


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