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Lost souls and the damage they do…………

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unnamedThe migration of humans across our globe is a phenomenon that has taken place since the beginning of time. Living together peacefully is not easy, it never has been. Tensions have always been a part of life as humans have evolved.
If we are completely honest with ourselves, the root cause of the current generation of young “homegrown” terrorists is not their hatred of religion or race but because they are lost souls. When someone is connected to a community, if they feel valued and cared for and are productive, it is easier to not want to hurt and lash out. We have to ask ourselves why it is that so many young people are attracted to and drawn to creating chaos in such a violent manner. Why are they not assimilating into the communities and countries where they were born and raised? Why are they such easy targets for radicalization? Young people emulate what they hear and see around them at home and school as they grow up. However, it is a proven fact that most immigrants, even refugees, come to developed countries filled with hope and aspirations. Generally, these hopes and aspirations are less for themselves but for their children. It is true that these children feel tremendous pressure to live up to those expectations and when they can’t they are already several steps toward rebellion and easy prey for terrorist groups. Why? Because they build up their self-esteem and feeling of fulfillment. Are the “good guys” going to sit back and let this happen? We seem to be sitting back at this point. Surely we are not going to let small groups of bad people steal our lost youth. The current rhetoric of “something needs to be done’ generally comes along with the implication that it is not MY problem because these are not MY people. But these are OUR people so we need to step up…….


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