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Je Suis Charlie……

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Those two murderers did a really stupid thing and all, in their sick minds, for a supposedly noble cause.  How stupid is it to attack people who draw for a living?  That really is what it boils down to.  Were any of the innocents gunned down in Paris expressing hatred for Islam or taking violent action against innocent citizens? Nope, they were cartoonists.  Cartoons make you smile.  The political/social version of cartoons are satirical because they bring to our consciousness uncomfortable issues in a way that makes us smile….and that quite frankly allows for conversation.  Cartoons in the religious satirical genre poke fun at all religions and the funniest ones are the cartoons poking fun at one’s own religion because we can definitely relate to that!!

So two idiots thinking that… the name of Allah, let’s shoot some cartoonists are just stupid.  There is a saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword”……today, with this senseless tragedy, terrorists will discover that “the pencil is mightier than a gun”……


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