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Lance Armstrong…….coming clean? Seriously?……

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Who didn’t admire Lance Armstrong? I certainly did.  He worked hard, had enormous success in his sport, battled cancer and returned to work, started a cancer foundation to use his name and experiences to “give back”, a loving husband and father………many many LIVE STRONG bracelets, later we find out that Armstrong is actually a lying cheating (in more than one sense of the word), egotistical bully…..and all those despicable behaviors and characteristics brought him respect, fame and fortune.

Anyhow, years later, things came out, and despite his continued protestations and bullying of all around him he was found out, stripped of his titles, lost his endorsements and so on.  According to Lance he was going to stop fighting the allegations because taxpayer money was being spent in vain on this witch hunt.….uuumm, what a guy!  Let’s not kid ourselves, by the way, that our boy is hurting for his next meal.

Now, guess what?….yep, he wants back in the game.  Apparently “rumor” is, (which his attorney is denying), is that contact has been made with the Anti-doping agency leader for Armstrong to be “reinstated” if he comes clean.  Excuse me if I don’t believe the denial of that “rumor”.  Armstrong doesn’t like being shunned and heck, he needs his lifestyle.  So he likely does want to “come clean” and by doing so get HIS life back in return for information which will likely throw a whole set of people under the bus….STOP this right now…………



As we turn the page on 2012…………

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Right about now everyone is busy making resolutions….always a good thing even if you don’t keep them….because by making a resolution you are pausing and assessing yourself.  My big resolution last year was to start this blog.  Which I did do but slacked off quite a bit too so it certainly is not the “next big blog” but my kids are truly thankful because when I write my blog I preach to cyber space and not them!!

Anyhow, I was reflecting about the atmosphere at work.  I am truly thankful to have a good career when so many are seeking work.  However, thinking about work led me to reflect again on how we behave and the concept of genuine courtesy.  How often do you and others pass people in the hallways and not even say “hello” or “how are you”? Reasons are many: we are either lost in thought, buried in our PDA of choice, or unhappy with our current job (but feel we have to stick it out to pay the bills), or just because common courtesy is just not expected anymore…..  Also, have you noticed that some people WILL say, “Hi how are you” but move quickly by before you have a chance to respond?  What’s that all about anyway?

Real human connectivity is critical to bettering our world.  We can only do that one person at a time.  When you take the time to stop, talk and connect with genuine interest all of a sudden your environment becomes more pleasant, caring and positive.  We were made to be social creatures…..let’s go back to the basics and see how we can change society one touch at a time…………..