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Monthly Archives: December 2012

A.D.D, our News media, and us……….

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It has been a blessedly “normal” few months for me personally.  However, I have sadly watched the world go by outside of my own little space.  Senseless shooting, more senseless shootings, even more senseless shooting and pictures of beautiful little children whose faces we now see in the joy of Christmas all around us….but for the little ones who lost their lives at Sandy Hook elementary and for their families…..not to be.  Then came the discussion about mental illness and Asperger’s syndrome, with no helpful consequence other than more stigma on a population of individuals, the majority of whom are struggling to be respected and treated equally.

Then came all of the discussion on gun control and urgent outcry to change….that was so wonderful. Then disdain poured over the inane (and dare I sat insane) comments by some at the top of the NRA….also wonderful.  Hope and change……yes we all hope for change for the betterment of our society.  But what has happened?….after non-stop 24/7 coverage for about a week…..the news cycle has shifted to the flavor of the moment.  Do we as a society all have a form of Attention Deficit Disorder or are well just that self-absorbed?

I’m still mulling this one.  I hope personally to dig deep and come up with something worthwhile…………