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6 BILLION DOLLARS….what does that buy?……..

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Well, that amount of money can do a lot and buy a lot…. but in this case…….it bought 4 more years of what I hope is not more of the same of the last two years.  But, on paper that is what you have.

Hopefully the powers to be saw the crowds, the lines to vote, the passion, the desperation.

Hopefully they realize that the majority of us were not influenced by much of what the $6 billion was used for but made our own decisions based on what is happening to our country

Hopefully, they are all, starting with the President, ready to put their egos and individual agendas aside to work for the good of the our nation for all peoples

Hopefully, Democrats who possibly are angry that the President, in fact, did not really do much campaigning for them as he worked on his re-election, will stand by him

Hopefully, the Republicans will give up over-hyped and overly rigid social conservatism (most of which has no place in government anyway) to just get on with it.

So much hope when we stare at a new beginning………….


Red, Blue Or?………….

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So today is Election Day 2012.  Seems like it has taken 4 years to get here….well in a way it has.  I’m heading out to vote and I’m still confused.  Remember the guy who said there was no red state or blue state but only the United States?….Wow.  Well that didn’t pan out and the reality is politics has become so red and so blue that we have built what feels like the Great Wall of China.

 And then, there’s the challenger guy…..ok, I can’t quite remember anything he said other than the 47% comment so let’s move on.

 I’m torn between the theory that leadership cannot really get anything done in 4 years given our dire situation; versus: just because the challenger is not charismatic and charming and seems like a privileged “you know what” doesn’t mean he won’t come in and get the job done.  Frankly at this point they are both privileged “you know whats” but then so are many of us.

 The time has come to stop talking and being so competitive that anything is said simply to win.  Well that day is upon us.  Whoever wins…..please….let’s find a way to swallow the ego and work together.  LISTEN, and accept suggestions that may not feel comfortable or easy and let’s find a few things to do to bring BIG results, Americans present and future, must have personal and economic growth and stability.  We need to be the beacon of dreams as we were for generations.

  Here is my bucket list future Mr. President:  Excellence in Education (take a look at Finland please), technical job training (as an admired path after high school), open borders for the best, brightest and hardworking (I wouldn’t be here if not for that…..and I’m not that bright by the way), build-up of jobs at home anchored by “manufacturing”….however that is defined today.  If our country has stability then personal well-being or really the ability to live a life of well-being follows naturally.

We are always hopeful…….I pray that this hope and trust will be honored in the next four years…………