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What really happens on Halloween?……….

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I have fallen off the mulling grid for about six weeks.  Some of you were probably breathing a sigh of relief.  Anyhow I’m back because Halloween and the ritual of trick or treating made me “Stop” “Assess” and “Ponder” (SAP). 

 Halloween is the circle of life in a slap you across the face kind of way.  How so you ask? We never did trick or treat because we didn’t grow up in America.  So our first experience was when we had our first baby and thus it started.  You proudly teach them the rituals and as the years go by siblings are added, friends and neighbor groups and traditions are formed, social catching up takes place among the adults……then somewhere along the way independence strikes and they become too cool for you to tag along.  Although it is also true that the first time you tell your offspring to go off on their own they decide maybe it’s ok if you came along.   In both of our girls’ case that usually was because they preferred to be driven after about two blocks and could always convince their Dad to oblige…….by the way, some things never change!!

 I remember the Halloweens when our son would wander the neighborhood with the rest of his middle school buddies.  Calls would come in that they had been fed quite lavishly at friends’ homes on the trick or treat circuit. One year I remember a friend calling to tell me that she had brought the whole group in when she noticed they had circled the same street three times and were starting to get a reputation. Those were special days.

 Halloween is the day that is a yard stick of how my children, their friends and younger siblings have grown….the toddlers of just a few years ago who tagged along are now the high-schoolers who have other little ones tagging along with them.  Now I meet new neighbors and see new little ones with whom you have no connection because your kids aren’t in the same schools anymore.  It is the circle of life in all its glory but also a great lesson in how quickly time goes by…….life is precious and we should stop to treasure every moment.