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Blame the refs, oh why not?………….

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For anyone who is passionate about sports in general, and American football in particular the NFL season, to date, has been more fun than mud wrestling.  This, because of the contract disputes with the regular referees which has placed replacement refs on the field.

Monday night’s game in which an interception was an interception but was ruled a touch down which was wrong as subsequently agreed but couldn’t be overturned………well you get the picture….UH? WHAT???

 So everyone’s current favorite topic in the U.S. and beyond, around the “office water coolers”, on the street, and on all the media headlines and talking heads, is bashing the replacement reps.  I mean come on, how bad are they?.  Why can’t they call it right?  Why can’t they impose discipline on the field where scuffles and fights are now the norm…..GIVE ME A BREAK.  These guys have never pretended to be anything more than they are.  They are referees at the junior college and high school level who have come in so that there can be a football season.  They did not misrepresent their qualifications.   So this would be the equivalent of a teachers strike where school was continued by bringing in middle schoolers to teach high school.

 The real issue here is the inability of fat cats to get together and get the situation settled.  Give and take is the name of the game.  Interestingly we seem incapable of applying the concept of give and take and considering the greater good at personal sacrifice.  Football is just a game, true…..but this situation again magnifies the greater problem which is magnified every day, whether it is in the political arena at work or just every day.  I had to laugh when I heard both our candidates’ condemning the NFL ref situation……funnily it really was both pots calling the kettle black!!!


The World Gone Mad………….

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It feels like the world has gone madder than normal.  The reality is that using a disgusting anti-Muslim movie, created by a complete ass, for igniting violence in the Middle East is simply just an excuse… excuse for those who want to cause violence and unrest to use as leverage.  We should recognize this and by “We” I include the leaders in the Middle East.  Leadership is about stepping up for the greater good.  All that the leaders in question seem capable of is: either using this tragedy and ongoing violence as an opportunity to take pot shots at each other in the name of political advantage in a presidential election…….or at the other end of the spectrum, leaders who hide behind hooligans.   Islam is built on peace and respect……but yet today, Friday “prayer” in many Middle Eastern cities was followed by unmitigated violence.

 Many people have lost their lives in this struggle and this week four Americans who clearly were in Libya to help better the lives of people were killed.  That it happened on September 11th only proves how deep and therefore how sad the situation really is. While it is lovely to hear the moving speeches in their memory why don’t we focus on using  this tragedy as a catalyst to put a stop to this nonsense……people in Libya, including members of its ruling party and its Royal Family expressed their shock and disgust for these killings and spoke of the role Ambassador Chris Stevens played to attempt to better the lives of Libyans……..isn’t it time to stop using this situation for personal agendas and use it to make sure these precious lives were not lost in vain.

First Days, New Beginnings……….

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It doesn’t matter our age or experience but the first day for anything new, and the anticipation and nervous tummy knots, don’t go away.  Today is another landmark in our family.  My little brother’s boys… starting is last year of high school and the little one is first day of high school.  OK, so I will freely admit that part of this is me feeling “old” but whatever!!

We spoke to them last night and I said to new highschooler……”how do you feel”?  Scared or excited?”. ….He having dealt with me all his life answered “both”.  A skill learned from his older brother and his cousins (my children)….if you go down the middle less chance that I will push for a more detailed response…..uuumm Ok so I’m obviously not that complex.

The first day of any new beginning is a scary experience.  First day of High School probably right up there….”What if I get lost, can’t find my classroom, am late for class because there is a 7 minute switch period and I have to walk a mile, what if I can’t find a friend to sit with at lunch……really stressful stuff….at 14 or any age. And, big brothers and older cousins are typically all that sympathetic and helpful when it comes to easing those nerves….

However, the reality is we finish the dreaded and much anticipated day, come home, and you know what, it all worked out.  So much so that when anxious loved ones inquire, you give them a surprised look and say….”Everything was fine, why do you ask?”………

I hope today is such a day.