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My heart and mind haven’t been into my blog for a while.  My father died.  And yes I am an adult and he lived a very full life  but however, supposedly, adult one gets the feeling of being an “orphan” when your last parent dies is something unexpected and yet very tangible.

 He passed away the way he always said he wanted to go….after a full day working with his patients.  My Dad was larger than life.  He was born in a tiny village in Sri Lanka and his mother was blind.  His self- determination, love for learning and quite frankly his attitude that all he wanted he would achieve (an attitude that many viewed as arrogant) took him  through medical school, to England with a young family to become an eye surgeon and, back to Sri Lanka to become a very prominent member of society.  However, looking back I remember his dedication to his patients and the many service trips to he would take to villages to serve people who did not have access to proper care.

 Somewhere in this he found time to write, read and compose and was always thinking of the next “big” thing to do to change the world.  And I will always remember the one whiskey drink each night before heading off to a long evening of surgery…..”to steady his hands” And I will always remember my husband, then boyfriend’s, shocked reaction when he first saw that ritual… Me, his only daughter?……well I suppose I was a handful.  OK, yes, I was a handful.  Reality is I am most like him in personality.  

 When he died my oldest daughter, and his first grandchild, wrote a piece in honor of her “Pop-Pop” and in it she quoted Longfellow’s:

 “Lives of great men all remind us

We should make our lives sublime,
And departing, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time”

 Daddy you left many footprints…..I only hope I can to walk in your path…….