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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Secret of Spies………and what they do……

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Maybe I’ve just read too many spy novels and watched too much TV and movies of spy thrillers.   I was shocked when the news came out that the latest plot to kill innocent lives by al-Qaeda was thwarted by a spy who infiltrated the organization……if not for this individual and the organizational process that allowed this be put in place who knows what tragedy would have happened…….the part about being shocked is what then? 

 Why should this be publicized??  Isn’t that the whole point….It is supposed to be a secret, we don’t NEED to know.  It’s not as if we have an opportunity to show our gratitude this person…”.we” as in “us”, the general public.  So what IS the point?  His/her name hasn’t been published but do you honestly think that the enemy cannot figure this out….seriously?  Not only have we potentially lost a valuable and talented operative but likely put them in danger?

 The collective common sense of those who run media organizations has clearly gone out the window….or maybe they are so clouded with soap opera sensationalism, aka, “BREAKING NEWS” that it simply doesn’t matter to them anymore.