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Bye Bye Bake Sales?…….

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There seems to be a movement to ban a much loved tradition in schools in the U.S…….that is the Bake Sale.  How many parents have found out at bedtime that their offspring have committed to supply baked goods the next day?  Mad rush to the grocery store and for those of us with the knack for baking an all-nighter to produce yummy treats taken to school with pride and then watched over by our kids to make sure that their stuff sells!…..and for the rest of us…..well store bought brownies disguised by clever decorating and pretty plates works too……but that’s not the point of my mulling today.

 In some communities Bake Sales are now viewed as one of the many causes for unhealthy diet for our children.  New York City placed a ban on Bake Sales in their public schools citing Bake Sales as a cause for too much sugar and fat in school age children’s diet.  Seriously?  In their minds let’s just cancel the Bake Sale, where the community comes together to support a common cause.  A tradition of community where most of the offerings are fresh or home-made and an event where not only is much needed funding raised but the community comes together for some sharing and social time in a positive environment.  Now what a wonderful learning experience THAT is for our children….but government is not logical or sensible….

 Maybe banning Bake Sales avoids the really tough discussions and decisions that our city, state and federal governments need to make…..such as?   How about high quality, affordable healthy meals served every day at schools?…No, much easier to just ban the bake sale…………….


A special gift……..

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Our second daughter, and middle child, has Asperger’s syndrome.  There has been so much progress made in this area today but when she was born there was not much in hand and in fact there was not even a specific diagnosis.  So, we did what all parents do and worked with her and with the support of many she is now a young lady of amazing strength and focus. 

 When she was a toddler the doctors who evaluated her told us “not to get our hopes set too high”.  Let me tell you, this child has the will power and focus of a giant.  She is a college graduate with a degree in accounting.  Learning how to overcome social obstacles and keeping busy building a resume by volunteering everywhere she can.  As you can imagine our whole family is incredible proud of her.

 Everyone parent wants the best for their child.  We had many dark and worry filled days with our little girl and I still do.  There is a level of vulnerability that you want to protect.

There was a segment on the Piers Morgan show, yes twice in a row, regarding the incredible memory, for dates and personal events, that Marilu Henner, the actress, is gifted with.

 Imagine my surprise and shock watching that interview as our daughter has the same gift.  Since she was a tiny little girl we did everything we could to suppress this because it was her way of connecting with people and we thought it was becoming a party act or a freak show for people and we didn’t want her to be “used”.  However, at home she has always been the judge and jury for family disagreements on the when, where and who issues of our family…..which by the way I am usually on the losing end because I have such a bad memory!

 I listened to how there are apparently only about 200 know people in the world who have this type of memory, Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), and how Marilu Henner has embraced it and used it for personal fullfiment and for career purposes.  I feel guilty because I suppose this is yet another lesson in social norms and appearances taking over the gift of being different and thereby exceptional.  There are no excuses other than one worries about our children being “different” and therefore vulnerable to bullying and teasing.  I spoke to my now young adult daughter and had her watch the video.  I hope she knows that not just for this gift but for a thousand other reasons how special and talented she is.